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Muslim Comedians in the U.S.: A PBS Special

Prior to the premiere, I was given an opportunity to interview several of the comedians, and here is what we talked about:

The Arab 100: Politics Is Bad For Business

I do… observe silly human differences put aside for the sake of a good business relationship.

Gaza: So where is Bono anyway?

The news all over the world are blaring about the ongoing debacle in Gaza: a million people suffering collective punishment with no power in the dead of winter.

The Next Great War… With the Burqa

The burqa is quickly becoming the greatest foe of the Western society. But this tussle with the ‘Muslim woman’s attire’ is not new.

Motorcycle Diaries Part IX

I always wondered whether there was a deliberate Western conspiracy for the “uglification” of Islam, or whether it was the Muslims themselves who did not need outside help in this regard.

Misperceptions between Muslims and Non-Muslims

The following article explains misperception between Muslims and Non-Muslims. It uses an adapted form of Robert Jervis’ 14 points on the “Hypotheses of Misperception” as published in World Politics, Vol. 20, No. 3 (Apr., 1968), pp. 454-479.

A Case of Polarized Discourse

In this thoughtful piece, the author seeks to understand the Arab mindset, and its increasingly polarized worldview

A Culture of Hate and Death

“The Amman bombers have gone to hell, and the masterminds will be pursued without mercy. Now we have to focus on the ideologues among us whose teachings promote the killing. No greater degree of clemency should be afforded to these accomplices either.”