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1967: A Review

If you believe in the mainstream discourse regarding the Six-Day War and in the image of an infallible Israel, you may not like this book.

Rasha Mahdi: Egyptian Caricaturist

Rasha Mahdi has been described as the first female Egyptian caricaturist.

Notes from the Dubai International Film Festival: Things We Lost in the Fire

As the festival wound down, I found myself needing an injection of Hollywood, and Susanne Bier’s “Things We Lost in the Fire” was the ticket. Well, maybe.

Notes from the Dubai International Film Festival: Captain Abu Raed

Well, the time has come to separate the best from the rest. For me, the festival peaked with the world premiere of “Captain Abu Raed” – the first Jordanian feature film in a rather long number of years.

Notes from the Dubai International Film Festival: The Battle for Haditha

This article is part of a series on various films at DIFF 2007. Nick Broomfield’s “The Battle for Haditha” has not yet gotten enough press. In some ways, this is understandable. Despite the explosive subject matter, this is a low-key film. There are no big-name actors, no enormous budget, and, most importantly, the picture’s stylistic […]

The English Patient’s Fourth Hand

The columnist praises a recently published novel he disliked for leading him to read a modern and timely classic.