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The Mistake Carter Didn’t Make: Why America and Israel Should Listen to Jimmy

Anyone who understands history knows Carter owes Palestinians a little more than just a hug.

The Arab 100: Politics Is Bad For Business

I do… observe silly human differences put aside for the sake of a good business relationship.

To Obama

Hussein what you wearing
that funny looking turban for?

Rasha Mahdi: Egyptian Caricaturist

Rasha Mahdi has been described as the first female Egyptian caricaturist.

Politics, Leadership, and the Muslim Woman

Do Muslim women have a right to be political leaders?

The answer is yes.

The Mindless Menace of Violence in the Muslim World

One more act of senseless violence greets us in the Muslim world this week.

Misperceptions between Muslims and Non-Muslims

The following article explains misperception between Muslims and Non-Muslims. It uses an adapted form of Robert Jervis’ 14 points on the “Hypotheses of Misperception” as published in World Politics, Vol. 20, No. 3 (Apr., 1968), pp. 454-479.

The Injustice of Cancer

Both the drive for justice and the proclivity to commit injustice are ingrained within our actions on all levels of power – from starting street fights, to making foreign policy decisions.

Rudy Giuliani: Just How Far Will His Dance Take Him?

An examination of what a Giuliani presidency may mean for the United States, and the world, by a popular Muslim American blogger and freelance writer whose work is available on umarlee.com.

To Maman Fouance, With Love

The French Dilemma: Fascination and Rejection of the Arab Figure