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Hey There Jordan: 4

Come on Jordan, this is it.

Hey There Jordan: 3

Hey Jordan.

Three things you should know

Hey There Jordan: 2

Hey Jordan! Over here.

Last night was fun, we should go out more often.

Hey There Jordan: 1

Hey there. Hey Jordan! Come over to my table, lets have a drink.

A Lamentation for a Murder Unavenged

Rose water,
Rose water,
Why did she have a daughter?

West Amman

I am not a woman who
“Handles the servants well,”

In Memory of Mahmoud Darwish

We often honour the greatest among us only once they have passed from our plains. We celebrate them, commiserate the great loss, bid farewell and shelve them in the annals of history.

To Mahmoud Darwish

I met Mahmoud in January 2005 in his office at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre in Ramallah. He was confrontational.

The Woman’s Chalice

They say that a chalice is the woman’s weapon, or her gift.

On the Wings of Swans

On the wings of swans I came, my love, On the wings of swans I came.
With my beating pomegranate heart, In my outstretched hand.