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The pen is mightier: Remi Kanazi talks back

He saw Def Jam poetry on Broadway and was drawn to Suheir Hammad and Carlos Andres Gomez.

The Dead Keep It

History is a tired woman.
History stands by the side of the road

Sasha, Charlotte and Taymoor

One I strangled with the pearls
You once dived for in a boutique.

My Moveable Feast

I spoon you into my mouth,
Fingers twitching

Throw me a fag

And just about…here! I usually trip over one of two magnets in my head.

A Happy Surprise

You say you wanted a happy surprise,
A jewel in a piece of sugared dough

Little Murderess

I flew miles and miles to reach your bed,
Where men speak a different language and women say nothing at all.


Someone stole
The sugar from the bowl –

People in the News

Tired of being fondled,
Like children minded by
The wicked Uncle Ernie.

Love Song

I’m glad you didn’t know me before,
Back when I was a vampire with a hungry rattle in the throat.