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The Injustice of Cancer

Both the drive for justice and the proclivity to commit injustice are ingrained within our actions on all levels of power – from starting street fights, to making foreign policy decisions.

Woes of Arabia

Our writer assumes the ambitious role of a psychoanalyst for an entire people. Though he doesn’t hide his total lack of qualifications for the job, this shouldn’t make the exercise any less interesting.

Motorcycle Diaries Part V

After strenuous soul-searching and tortured contemplation, I have finally devised an ingenious solution to the violence that plagues our region. The problem, however, is that I am serious.

What’s wrong with the Arab world?

What ails the Arabs, we have all asked ourselves at one time or another? Quite a lot. Actually, come to think of it, just about everything. Where shall I begin? A wise choice would be with a friendly warning. Lawyers call it a ‘disclaimer notice’, or an ‘exclusion of liability’ clause. In my case, it […]

Motorcycle Diaries Part III

Our columnist returns with another segment of his diaries, and provides a sarcastic view on the advertising and movie industries.

A Case of Polarized Discourse

In this thoughtful piece, the author seeks to understand the Arab mindset, and its increasingly polarized worldview

Reclaiming Islam in this Summer of Terror

“It’s good to be alive this morning,” my friend Firas wrote on MSN Messenger. It was the morning of July 23, 2005. The world had just woken up to news of the massive bombs in Sharm Al-Sheikh, a car bomb in the heart of the buzzing night life of Beirut, and various stories related to […]

The English Patient’s Fourth Hand

The columnist praises a recently published novel he disliked for leading him to read a modern and timely classic.

Towards a New Arab Movement

The author argues that it’s time for all Arabs who believe in democracy and unity to come together.

The Death of the Arabs

An “obituary” by an Arab writer.