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The Black Days of 1948

It was 8 April 1948, a day that should be considered a black day not only for Palestinians and Arabs, but for the world and for Israelis themselves, whose establishment of a home cost another people so much.

1967: A Review

If you believe in the mainstream discourse regarding the Six-Day War and in the image of an infallible Israel, you may not like this book.

Gaza: What Can You Expect?

If you feel that your very existence is under siege, who do you turn to? That’s right, the guys with the guns.

The Mistake Carter Didn’t Make: Why America and Israel Should Listen to Jimmy

Anyone who understands history knows Carter owes Palestinians a little more than just a hug.

Gaza’s Troubles Spill Over: An Overview

On January 30 of this year, thousands of Palestinians dashed into Egypt for a shopping onslaught only previously seen at the annual wedding gown sales in Filene’s Basement, a Boston department store (75% off).

Gaza: So where is Bono anyway?

The news all over the world are blaring about the ongoing debacle in Gaza: a million people suffering collective punishment with no power in the dead of winter.

Motorcycle Diaries Part VIII

Deeming part VII too local for our tastes, the Diaries nevertheless make a triumphant return as the hero takes a pit stop to dissect the psychological root of a certain malaise.

An Open Letter to Hezbollah and Hamas

A message for peace

My Shirt

The identity of a Palestinian in Exile: A stranger in a strange land, a stranger in his own land

What Am I?

A mother and son grapple with the difficult questions facing the Palestinian Diaspora.