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Farewell to Tayeb Salih

They are dying by the day. First, there was Edward Said, then Mahmoud Darwish, and now Tayeb Salih.

That Night in Marrakesh

Aly barely fit the bed, which occupied its own snug little cubbyhole off the wall of the largest room in Dar Tasfaout, and twice, in his passion, he sat up abruptly and cracked his head on the low-slung ceiling. Lalla Khaddouja had to laugh, lying there naked beneath him, because he was so earnest, so […]

Babylon Burning

What can we do to denounce an illegal war and a cultural genocide of the worst kind that still goes on in Iraq?

To Maman Fouance, With Love

The French Dilemma: Fascination and Rejection of the Arab Figure