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Playing the Gender Game: Female Participation in the Jordanian Employment Market

Under the frenzied guise of the television series 24, the short clip titled, ‘See What Arab Women Are Up To’, depicts a collection of women in an array of professions, from home-makers, judges, and CEOs.

My Reading Wife

She is a persistent reader despite the fact that our kind of society may even look down upon people who read, because reading is not yet an integral part of our social, cultural, and psychological make up.

Amman In Winter

…the threat of terrorism in Amman is a whispered threat…. You want to relegate it to the ghost-world, to the realm of the Chupacabra and the Abominable Snowman.

Identity. Belonging. Who Are You Really?

Conversations on identity seem to take a complicated turn more often than not, and especially in my rowdy hood.

Notes from the Dubai International Film Festival: Captain Abu Raed

Well, the time has come to separate the best from the rest. For me, the festival peaked with the world premiere of “Captain Abu Raed” – the first Jordanian feature film in a rather long number of years.

Motorcycle Diaries Part V

After strenuous soul-searching and tortured contemplation, I have finally devised an ingenious solution to the violence that plagues our region. The problem, however, is that I am serious.

Motorcycle Diaries Part IV

Neither can they be described as diaries nor do they have anything to do with motorcycles, yet, Zaid Nabulsi continues the tradition with more bumpy rides on the highway to hell.

Our Silence, Their Ammunition

On the anniversary of the Amman bombings, the author condemns the silence and apathy surrounding terrorism in the Arab World.

Uneven Development

Uneven development in Jordan leaves many of its citizens behind

Motorcycle Diaries Part II

Reflections on fatherhood, Egyptian drivers, human greed, fruity contraceptive products, and the general state of the world by our columnist