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An Arab Renaissance against all odds?

A pan-Arab mentality is manifesting itself in the world of business.

The Black Days of 1948

It was 8 April 1948, a day that should be considered a black day not only for Palestinians and Arabs, but for the world and for Israelis themselves, whose establishment of a home cost another people so much.

1967: A Review

If you believe in the mainstream discourse regarding the Six-Day War and in the image of an infallible Israel, you may not like this book.

The Resurrection: Why Do Christians Believe In It?

Yes, God spoke to us through prophets all down the ages, but what is equally important are “WITNESSES”. The New Testament emphasises this all of the time.

Russia, My Russia: The Final Chapter

Russia is neither a mystery nor a riddle to me anymore.

Motorcycle Diaries Part XI

“It’s a crime, a crime against culture. They are destroying a holy place, a place that is of incalculable value to Sarajevo.”

Russia, My Russia: Part III

I had a slow start on the third day of my Russian adventures, but did finally make it to the Moscow History Museum.

Motorcycle Diaries Part X

When my father-in-law passed away last year, someone advised that his tombstone should not be raised above the ground. When I asked why, I was told that this is how it should be done in Islam…

Russia, My Russia: Part I

”A riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma” – these are a few words that Churchill used to describe the many faces of that continent of a country called Russia. That riddle has always, always made me curious. The tickle became an itch that soon turned into an obsession to know more and experience what […]

Motorcycle Diaries Part VI

In his last installment of the diaries from Switzerland, our columnist takes you on a final, turbulent tour of where it all began.