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From Ukraine

Post-election, the post-Soviet state both saddens and surprises the casual traveler

Woes of Arabia

Our writer assumes the ambitious role of a psychoanalyst for an entire people. Though he doesn’t hide his total lack of qualifications for the job, this shouldn’t make the exercise any less interesting.

Motorcycle Diaries Part IV

Neither can they be described as diaries nor do they have anything to do with motorcycles, yet, Zaid Nabulsi continues the tradition with more bumpy rides on the highway to hell.

Motorcycle Diaries

Reflections on life, religion and Palestine riding a motorcycle in Geneva

There Are No Gay Arabs

The perception of sexuality in the Middle East

A Culture of Hate and Death

“The Amman bombers have gone to hell, and the masterminds will be pursued without mercy. Now we have to focus on the ideologues among us whose teachings promote the killing. No greater degree of clemency should be afforded to these accomplices either.”

My Shirt

The identity of a Palestinian in Exile: A stranger in a strange land, a stranger in his own land

A Rebel’s Guide to the World

“The sad fact is that the Arabs are taken far less into account by evil conspirators seeking to change the world than we Arabs would like to think.” The writer reflects sardonically on the state of the world.