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The Resurrection: Why Do Christians Believe In It?

Yes, God spoke to us through prophets all down the ages, but what is equally important are “WITNESSES”. The New Testament emphasises this all of the time.

The Christian Belief in a Nutshell

Remove the foundational truths of the death and resurrection of Christ and the whole fabric of the Christian belief falls.

The Christian Faith Through the Teachings of Paul

… churches in the West have indeed “westernised” the gospel so much that they have lifted it right out of context, so to speak. So it is a good thing, as we read the New Testament, that we try and put things into a Middle Eastern context.

The Injustice of Cancer

Both the drive for justice and the proclivity to commit injustice are ingrained within our actions on all levels of power – from starting street fights, to making foreign policy decisions.

Motorcycle Diaries Part VI

In his last installment of the diaries from Switzerland, our columnist takes you on a final, turbulent tour of where it all began.

Motorcycle Diaries

Reflections on life, religion and Palestine riding a motorcycle in Geneva