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Murder in the Name of Honour: an Interview with Rana Husseini

“I told them right away, I wouldn’t have any seductive, veiled women on the cover!”

Farewell to Tayeb Salih

They are dying by the day. First, there was Edward Said, then Mahmoud Darwish, and now Tayeb Salih.

Everything is Connected: A Review

Barenboim routinely condemns the excesses of the Israeli occupation and is interested in nurturing musical talents amongst Arabs as well as Jews.

1967: A Review

If you believe in the mainstream discourse regarding the Six-Day War and in the image of an infallible Israel, you may not like this book.

My Reading Wife

She is a persistent reader despite the fact that our kind of society may even look down upon people who read, because reading is not yet an integral part of our social, cultural, and psychological make up.

The English Patient’s Fourth Hand

The columnist praises a recently published novel he disliked for leading him to read a modern and timely classic.