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“Fasten your seatbelts”: a Royal Jordanian flight as symbol of a culture

“Madam, you are requesting a first-class service, but you’re paying economy.”

Russia, My Russia: The Final Chapter

Russia is neither a mystery nor a riddle to me anymore.

Amman In Winter

…the threat of terrorism in Amman is a whispered threat…. You want to relegate it to the ghost-world, to the realm of the Chupacabra and the Abominable Snowman.

Russia, My Russia: Part V

Everyone knows the Hermitage is grand, not everyone realizes what “grand” truly means.

Russia, My Russia: Part IV

The sun graced Moscow with its presence on my fourth day in town…

Russia, My Russia: Part III

I had a slow start on the third day of my Russian adventures, but did finally make it to the Moscow History Museum.

Russia, My Russia: Part II

The second day in Russia started out gloomy too, yet it was significantly brightened up by my friend Dzera, who works in the fashion industry.

Russia, My Russia: Part I

”A riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma” – these are a few words that Churchill used to describe the many faces of that continent of a country called Russia. That riddle has always, always made me curious. The tickle became an itch that soon turned into an obsession to know more and experience what […]

From Ukraine

Post-election, the post-Soviet state both saddens and surprises the casual traveler

Stranger’s Snapshots: Dubai

Gender relations in Dubai’s leisure scene: the shocking and the sensual.