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“Battle For Haditha” Comes To British Screens

Broomfield develops a Truman Capote “true fiction” account of life in Iraq.

Re-education and Incentivisation: The New Counter-Terrorism

By showing a criminal that he can benefit from both denouncing violent fundamentalism and from becoming more socially accepted, we have eliminated his reason to fight.

The Mindless Menace of Violence in the Muslim World

One more act of senseless violence greets us in the Muslim world this week.

Notes from the Dubai International Film Festival: The Battle for Haditha

This article is part of a series on various films at DIFF 2007. Nick Broomfield’s “The Battle for Haditha” has not yet gotten enough press. In some ways, this is understandable. Despite the explosive subject matter, this is a low-key film. There are no big-name actors, no enormous budget, and, most importantly, the picture’s stylistic […]

Our Silence, Their Ammunition

On the anniversary of the Amman bombings, the author condemns the silence and apathy surrounding terrorism in the Arab World.

Reclaiming Islam in this Summer of Terror

“It’s good to be alive this morning,” my friend Firas wrote on MSN Messenger. It was the morning of July 23, 2005. The world had just woken up to news of the massive bombs in Sharm Al-Sheikh, a car bomb in the heart of the buzzing night life of Beirut, and various stories related to […]

Bugger Off, Bin Laden

Our columnist responds to the terrorist atrocities in London.

An Open Letter to Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri (Wherever you are)

Why are you demeaning Islam by presenting it as a terrorist religion?

A Culture of Hate and Death

“The Amman bombers have gone to hell, and the masterminds will be pursued without mercy. Now we have to focus on the ideologues among us whose teachings promote the killing. No greater degree of clemency should be afforded to these accomplices either.”

A Tale of the Confused Arab Left

The author condemns the venom spread by fundamentalist newspapers in the Arab region, such as Assabeel newspaper in Jordan, and scolds Arab leftist writers for their unholy alliance with such organizations.