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“Fasten your seatbelts”: a Royal Jordanian flight as symbol of a culture

“Madam, you are requesting a first-class service, but you’re paying economy.”

“The Middle East Conflict”: Mind your language!

Terming the Palestinian-Israeli conflict an “Arab Israeli conflict” unnecessarily invites more people to join.

The Fake Muhajaba

The woman staring back was like a chimera.

What’s missing in the GCC states? Well…

Not much is even attempted to foster a culture of innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Murder in the Name of Honour: an Interview with Rana Husseini

“I told them right away, I wouldn’t have any seductive, veiled women on the cover!”

An Unexpected Trip: A Year in Jordan Takes on a Whole New Meaning

I distinctly remember the moment before the first punch. He was looking down on me, his fist clenched, his eyes angry and clouded, his arm pulled back for momentum. I screamed, eyes wide in disbelief.

An Appeal to Egyptian-American Integrity

As an American-Egyptian I fret that our propensity to use titles that glorify figures of authority has been carried to our adopted country. Has this mindset, I asked myself, already become entrenched in our civic organizations here in the United States?

The Radical Notion That Parents Are People

What should we value more in our children? Obedience? Or common sense?

Real Love and Real Life

Finding love isn’t easy in our day of age. It seems to be everywhere, and nowhere, all at once.

Russia, My Russia: The Final Chapter

Russia is neither a mystery nor a riddle to me anymore.