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Motorcycle Diaries Part XIV

We can peek at other galaxies with giant telescopes and google-earth our houses and backyards, but we still cannot locate Osama bin Laden’s hideout in the mountains of Terroristan.

Motorcycle Diaries Part XII

Life must be difficult if your name is really Abdul Falafel Precious Stone from the Republic of Moon Islands…

Love in a Time of Video Games

The real challenge to many committed couples today is making sure you don’t kill each other while arguing about whether or not “Assassin’s Creed” lived up to its hype

And Then the Internet Died

I don’t know about you, but I felt as though I had been transported back into a primitive Dark Age. I opened the curtains half-expecting to see a street full of carts pulled along by donkeys.

Identity. Belonging. Who Are You Really?

Conversations on identity seem to take a complicated turn more often than not, and especially in my rowdy hood.

Why Blog?

A young writer and activist on why blogging matters, particularly in the Arab world

The U.S.: The Reform of the Public Warning System

The importance of setting policies and procedures to effectively implement a Public Warning System.