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Russia, My Russia: The Final Chapter

Russia is neither a mystery nor a riddle to me anymore.

Russia, My Russia: Part V

Everyone knows the Hermitage is grand, not everyone realizes what “grand” truly means.

Russia, My Russia: Part IV

The sun graced Moscow with its presence on my fourth day in town…

Russia, My Russia: Part III

I had a slow start on the third day of my Russian adventures, but did finally make it to the Moscow History Museum.

Russia, My Russia: Part II

The second day in Russia started out gloomy too, yet it was significantly brightened up by my friend Dzera, who works in the fashion industry.

Russia, My Russia: Part I

”A riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma” – these are a few words that Churchill used to describe the many faces of that continent of a country called Russia. That riddle has always, always made me curious. The tickle became an itch that soon turned into an obsession to know more and experience what […]

A Tale of the Confused Arab Left

The author condemns the venom spread by fundamentalist newspapers in the Arab region, such as Assabeel newspaper in Jordan, and scolds Arab leftist writers for their unholy alliance with such organizations.