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Arbitration & mediation in the Arab world: a growing phenomenon

There are at least two verses in the Koran that sanction the notion of arbitration and mediation.

Motorcycle Diaries Part XVII

The only people in this region who have always lit a candle of solidarity for their missing sons and daughters were not the Arab countries. Finally, I could feel as privileged as Jews do. For the first time

Motorcycle Diaries Part XVI

I want to convince myself that only an evil criminal intentionally causes misery, such as causing the disappearance a young girl, and then expect her parents to beseech him for mercy, while keeping them hanging for a verdict of life or death.

Muslim Comedians in the U.S.: A PBS Special

Prior to the premiere, I was given an opportunity to interview several of the comedians, and here is what we talked about:

The Resurrection: Why Do Christians Believe In It?

Yes, God spoke to us through prophets all down the ages, but what is equally important are “WITNESSES”. The New Testament emphasises this all of the time.

Re-education and Incentivisation: The New Counter-Terrorism

By showing a criminal that he can benefit from both denouncing violent fundamentalism and from becoming more socially accepted, we have eliminated his reason to fight.

The Christian Belief in a Nutshell

Remove the foundational truths of the death and resurrection of Christ and the whole fabric of the Christian belief falls.

The Exploitation of Sufiah Yousof

Let’s weep crocodile tears for Sufiah Yousof while enjoying the furtive thrill of seeing a good girl from a Muslim family go bad!

Motorcycle Diaries Part XIII

The question being debated was exactly akin to a heated argument being initiated about whether Egypt should send female astronauts to space…

The Christian Faith Through the Teachings of Paul

… churches in the West have indeed “westernised” the gospel so much that they have lifted it right out of context, so to speak. So it is a good thing, as we read the New Testament, that we try and put things into a Middle Eastern context.