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Motorcycle Diaries XVII: a Masochistic Love Affair with Jordan

I still want to discover why I would develop an affection towards the only thing that consistently keeps breaking my heart every single day.

Letter to Barack Obama from an Arab-American Democrat: On Rahm Emanuel and More

I saw Arab-Americans young and old volunteer their time. They donated money like many other Americans who responded to your message of hope.

Iraq’s Money and America’s Responsibility

Daily conversations with our correspondent in Baghdad or with a friend in Anbar province paint a picture of such incredible hardship that you wonder how anything at all gets done.

Sunnis, Iran, Obama, and New Realities

To date, the Sunni Arab States seem unsure of how to deal with Iran. Open dialogue with the intention of integrating the Islamic Republic into the Middle Eastern fold has been impossible.

An Appeal to Egyptian-American Integrity

As an American-Egyptian I fret that our propensity to use titles that glorify figures of authority has been carried to our adopted country. Has this mindset, I asked myself, already become entrenched in our civic organizations here in the United States?

In Lebanon and Beyond: Could the Arab League be on the Verge of Resurgence?

And then, despite all of our misgivings, the Arab League managed to do what Sarkozy, Bush, the United Nations and many others have failed to do…