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Gaza Going Off the Rails: Why Israelis Need to Stop and Think

While the Gazans’ poverty-stricken lives have now received a new dollop of war, pain, and death, the majority of Israel runs as usual. People watch the news a little bit more and worry about their relatives or friends serving in the army, but the level of tragedy is drastically unbalanced.

Yes We Can: A Letter to Obama from an Arab-American

Like my T-Shirt reads, one must hope. We hope that the day will come when our just cause will follow others and when our people will overcome their struggle.

If I Were An Israeli…

Just before Ehud Barak was elected Prime Minister of Israel, he was asked by Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy what he would do had he been born Palestinian. Barak replied frankly: “I would join a terror organization.”

Gaza and the Road to Israel’s February Election

“It was too much, I’m glad we’re attacking,” a cab driver told me Sunday, then complaining about Russia’s call for peace by referencing Georgia. “[The war’s] no good, but it’s scary, a rocket hit the house next to mine,” a girl on the train said to me about Beersheeva.

Israel in Gaza: Interview With Ahron Bregman

“What can you say about the latest Israeli assault against Hamas? Do you think that the Olmert government would like to send a signal to the Obama administration?”

As Gaza Burns, Amman Erupts in Protests

How do you defuse a situation in which civilians have no one left to trust but the very people who can easily, and, it seems, without many regrets – considering the reward that surely awaits the suffering in paradise – get them killed?

Motorcycle Diaries XVII: a Masochistic Love Affair with Jordan

I still want to discover why I would develop an affection towards the only thing that consistently keeps breaking my heart every single day.

How to Win Friends and Influence People According to Nagla Al-Imam

How can she advance human rights (which include the safety and well-being of all women) while claiming that Israeli women aren’t entitled to the same safety she wants Palestinian women to have?

Letter to Barack Obama from an Arab-American Democrat: On Rahm Emanuel and More

I saw Arab-Americans young and old volunteer their time. They donated money like many other Americans who responded to your message of hope.

Everything is Connected: A Review

Barenboim routinely condemns the excesses of the Israeli occupation and is interested in nurturing musical talents amongst Arabs as well as Jews.