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Travel to Lost Places

“Do you have any bombs on you?” I wasn’t sure of the purpose of the question.

The pen is mightier: Remi Kanazi talks back

He saw Def Jam poetry on Broadway and was drawn to Suheir Hammad and Carlos Andres Gomez.

“The Middle East Conflict”: Mind your language!

Terming the Palestinian-Israeli conflict an “Arab Israeli conflict” unnecessarily invites more people to join.

Arab reaction to Obama’s Middle East policy

Faced with a barrage of messages from the US administration, Arabs are reacting in various ways

A Palestinian State? Interpreting Netanyahu’s Speech

“I think Netanyahu would be astounded if Abbas agreed to these conditions, particularly those in relation to Jerusalem and the right of return.”

The West Bank: People and Pictures

In the summer of 2007, I spent five weeks extensively traveling throughout the West Bank in order to photograph the daily life of Palestinians.

Will the West Boycott Netanyahu?

The treatment of Hamas from January 2006 is a study in Western hypocrisy.

Israel and Gaza Aftermath: Interview with Dr. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman

“There’s no question that more hate towards Israel will have been generated by this operation, which doesn’t bode well if you talk about the need for a long-term reconciliation.”

Size Matters: Why Arab Parties in Israel Were Banned, and More

The country seems untroubled by its increasing international isolation, an attitude perhaps born out of 60 years of making it work underneath improbable, impossible circumstances. If we’ve made it this far, goes the thinking, who the hell is going to stop us?

Plumb and Plumberer

Why Joe the Plumber and the increased democratisation of the media can only signal a further decline in journalistic objectivity.