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Murder in the Name of Honour: an Interview with Rana Husseini

“I told them right away, I wouldn’t have any seductive, veiled women on the cover!”

How to Win Friends and Influence People According to Nagla Al-Imam

How can she advance human rights (which include the safety and well-being of all women) while claiming that Israeli women aren’t entitled to the same safety she wants Palestinian women to have?


It wouldn’t be surprising if Leila Hussein was being made an example of. This wouldn’t be the first time, nor the last time, in today’s brutalized Iraq

Playing the Gender Game: Female Participation in the Jordanian Employment Market

Under the frenzied guise of the television series 24, the short clip titled, ‘See What Arab Women Are Up To’, depicts a collection of women in an array of professions, from home-makers, judges, and CEOs.

Muslim Comedians in the U.S.: A PBS Special

Prior to the premiere, I was given an opportunity to interview several of the comedians, and here is what we talked about:

The Arab 100: Politics Is Bad For Business

I do… observe silly human differences put aside for the sake of a good business relationship.

The Exploitation of Sufiah Yousof

Let’s weep crocodile tears for Sufiah Yousof while enjoying the furtive thrill of seeing a good girl from a Muslim family go bad!

My Reading Wife

She is a persistent reader despite the fact that our kind of society may even look down upon people who read, because reading is not yet an integral part of our social, cultural, and psychological make up.


From explaining myself to people who believe that being married to a Muslim is similar to being Frankenstein’s bride, or Jack the Ripper’s victim.

Rasha Mahdi: Egyptian Caricaturist

Rasha Mahdi has been described as the first female Egyptian caricaturist.