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“12 Angry Lebanese”: interview with Zeina Daccache

“All I ever hear is ‘I want,’ or ‘I need,’” she says. “This is the language of children.”

The Monarchical Democracy of Lebanon

Many of the political acts of inheritance were brought about after spates of assassinations that have marked Lebanese history.

Fouad Siniora in Iraq: Progress Between Iraq and Lebanon?

As the war rages in Iraq and simmers in the Levant, commentators have been quick to point out the similarities, and many believe that a solution to either, or both, conflicts may hold the key to lasting peace in the Middle East.

Motorcycle Diaries Part XVII

The only people in this region who have always lit a candle of solidarity for their missing sons and daughters were not the Arab countries. Finally, I could feel as privileged as Jews do. For the first time

In Lebanon and Beyond: Could the Arab League be on the Verge of Resurgence?

And then, despite all of our misgivings, the Arab League managed to do what Sarkozy, Bush, the United Nations and many others have failed to do…

The Phone Call from Kayfoun

Her father had talked to her about the war one other time. He said it was the reason their family had never been to Lebanon and might never have the chance to go.

An Open Letter to Hezbollah and Hamas

A message for peace

Lessons Learned from the 6th War

Conclusions drawn from the war on Lebanon

A Tale of the Confused Arab Left

The author condemns the venom spread by fundamentalist newspapers in the Arab region, such as Assabeel newspaper in Jordan, and scolds Arab leftist writers for their unholy alliance with such organizations.