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Hey There Jordan: 2

Hey Jordan! Over here.

Last night was fun, we should go out more often.

Hey There Jordan: 1

Hey there. Hey Jordan! Come over to my table, lets have a drink.

Brand Jordan Has Lost Its Way

While reading the wide range of comments on Madian’s Books@Café story I realized every single one was right.

“Battle For Haditha” Comes To British Screens

Broomfield develops a Truman Capote “true fiction” account of life in Iraq.

West Amman

I am not a woman who
“Handles the servants well,”

Laughing in Amman: Arab-American Comedians Look into the Future

It was refreshing to hear Maysoon speak about working with Adam Sandler at the press conference, because many of my earnest friends had quickly dismissed the film, which aims to poke fun at conflict in the Middle East, as racist clap-trap.

Motorcycle Diaries Part XVI

I want to convince myself that only an evil criminal intentionally causes misery, such as causing the disappearance a young girl, and then expect her parents to beseech him for mercy, while keeping them hanging for a verdict of life or death.

Playing the Gender Game: Female Participation in the Jordanian Employment Market

Under the frenzied guise of the television series 24, the short clip titled, ‘See What Arab Women Are Up To’, depicts a collection of women in an array of professions, from home-makers, judges, and CEOs.

Amman In Winter

…the threat of terrorism in Amman is a whispered threat…. You want to relegate it to the ghost-world, to the realm of the Chupacabra and the Abominable Snowman.

Notes from the Dubai International Film Festival: Captain Abu Raed

Well, the time has come to separate the best from the rest. For me, the festival peaked with the world premiere of “Captain Abu Raed” – the first Jordanian feature film in a rather long number of years.