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“Fasten your seatbelts”: a Royal Jordanian flight as symbol of a culture

“Madam, you are requesting a first-class service, but you’re paying economy.”

The Dead Keep It

History is a tired woman.
History stands by the side of the road

The Fake Muhajaba

The woman staring back was like a chimera.

On King Hussein and the Search for Peace: An Interview with Nigel Ashton

“When the King pressed hard for a broader peace settlement, his approach did not find a receptive audience in the region.”

Jordan: Cost Reduction Versus Tax Reduction

The area where few dare to tread is the concept of cost/waste reduction as a means of enhancing revenues or making each Dinar count.

An Unexpected Trip: A Year in Jordan Takes on a Whole New Meaning

I distinctly remember the moment before the first punch. He was looking down on me, his fist clenched, his eyes angry and clouded, his arm pulled back for momentum. I screamed, eyes wide in disbelief.

As Gaza Burns, Amman Erupts in Protests

How do you defuse a situation in which civilians have no one left to trust but the very people who can easily, and, it seems, without many regrets – considering the reward that surely awaits the suffering in paradise – get them killed?

Motorcycle Diaries XVII: a Masochistic Love Affair with Jordan

I still want to discover why I would develop an affection towards the only thing that consistently keeps breaking my heart every single day.

Hey There Jordan: 4

Come on Jordan, this is it.

Hey There Jordan: 3

Hey Jordan.

Three things you should know