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What’s wrong with the Arab world?

What ails the Arabs, we have all asked ourselves at one time or another? Quite a lot. Actually, come to think of it, just about everything. Where shall I begin? A wise choice would be with a friendly warning. Lawyers call it a ‘disclaimer notice’, or an ‘exclusion of liability’ clause. In my case, it […]

My Advice to Muslims

From a Pakistani peace activist – to the Muslim Ummah

An Open Letter to Hezbollah and Hamas

A message for peace

Islamic Democracy for the Midde East? The case of the AKP in Turkey

The author examines the origins and experience of political Islam in Turkey.

Motorcycle Diaries Part II

Reflections on fatherhood, Egyptian drivers, human greed, fruity contraceptive products, and the general state of the world by our columnist

Motorcycle Diaries

Reflections on life, religion and Palestine riding a motorcycle in Geneva

Reclaiming Islam in this Summer of Terror

“It’s good to be alive this morning,” my friend Firas wrote on MSN Messenger. It was the morning of July 23, 2005. The world had just woken up to news of the massive bombs in Sharm Al-Sheikh, a car bomb in the heart of the buzzing night life of Beirut, and various stories related to […]

There Are No Gay Arabs

The perception of sexuality in the Middle East

An Open Letter to Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri (Wherever you are)

Why are you demeaning Islam by presenting it as a terrorist religion?