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At Rantings of a Sandmonkey: The speech!

Sandmonkey went to Cairo University and saw Obama live. Details are in the post.

At Susie’s Big Adventure: Caution: This Blog Banned in Saudi Arabia

Popular expat blog is banned. Here’s hoping the ban is only temporary.

At GOATMILK: Much Ado About Nothing

Fatemeh Fakhraie discusses the obsession with a particular bit of female anatomy… Do read!

On Arab News: Rape scene on TV stirs debate

MBC1’s ÔÇťAsakinat fe Qolubena” is a controversial Saudi drama.

At And Far Away: The Five Arab Guys You Should Never Date

A take-off on the KABOBfest story, for an Amman audience.

At the Middle East Times: Bulldozer Attack in Jerusalem Linked to Palestinian Evictions

Lovely. Just lovely. /snark

At KABOBfest: Shahar Peer and the Dubai visa denial

Well, this has caused quite a controversy…

At Muslimah Media Watch: Hope for Whom and for Whom? Palestine as a Muslim Cause

An e-mail sent to Sobia gets her thinking on whether the situation in Palestine is an explicitly Muslim cause. Great discussion in the comments, btw.

At the Black Iris: Scenes From Last Night

On the relief effort for Gaza, in Amman. Please note that volunteers are still needed.

At Matthew Yglesias: Israel Bans Arab Parties