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At the Black Iris of Jordan: Best Internet Service Provider in Jordan

Naseem’s war with Orange Telecom continues, while discussion in the comments is useful for anyone living in or traveling to Jordan.

At Inanities: Guide to writing about Egypt

Hilarious satire of a recent NYT piece on Egypt.

At Muslimah Media Watch: Newsweek Turns a Widow into a Terrorist Mastermind

A curious article in Newsweek, dissected.

At Muslim Reverie: It’s time to end gender segregation in mosques

Hop on over here for a very interesting post that touches upon everything from the example of Khadijah to Amina Wadud. Check out the discussion in the comments too.

At Saleeha: of fatwah and fitnah

A little poetry on a rather big topic. Don’t click if you can’t stand “dirty” words. 😉

At the Arab Observer: Jordan’s Tribal Heritage Shouldn’t Justify Death Sentence

When the international declaration of human rights goes up against age-old traditions…

At The Sudanese Thinker: Morality Does Not Come From Holy Books

This post just brings all the boys to the yard. 😉

At And Far Away: The internet as a last resort

On one young woman’s fight to get out of Saudi Arabia, and how it has become an internet phenomenon.

At Muslimah Media Watch: MMW Call for Writers

MMW is looking for new contributors!

At the Black Iris of Jordan: Transformers 2 Review

Nas takes a moment to reflect on the film and the odd choice of attributing filming locations.