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And Then the Internet Died

I don’t know about you, but I felt as though I had been transported back into a primitive Dark Age. I opened the curtains half-expecting to see a street full of carts pulled along by donkeys.

The Evil-Doers of Comedy

Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to speak with Ahmed Ahmed, Aron Kader, and Maz Jobrani of the world-famous Axis of Evil Comedy Tour in Dubai.

Woes of Arabia

Our writer assumes the ambitious role of a psychoanalyst for an entire people. Though he doesn’t hide his total lack of qualifications for the job, this shouldn’t make the exercise any less interesting.

Motorcycle Diaries Part V

After strenuous soul-searching and tortured contemplation, I have finally devised an ingenious solution to the violence that plagues our region. The problem, however, is that I am serious.

Motorcycle Diaries Part II

Reflections on fatherhood, Egyptian drivers, human greed, fruity contraceptive products, and the general state of the world by our columnist

There Are No Gay Arabs

The perception of sexuality in the Middle East

A Rebel’s Guide to the World – Part 2 (weirder, angrier & uncensored)

This popular Arab commentator returns with a second installment of his musings on the state of the world. But this time he is equipped with a wide array of dreams and foul language. Not for the faint-hearted.

A Rebel’s Guide to the World

“The sad fact is that the Arabs are taken far less into account by evil conspirators seeking to change the world than we Arabs would like to think.” The writer reflects sardonically on the state of the world.