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How to Win Friends and Influence People According to Nagla Al-Imam

How can she advance human rights (which include the safety and well-being of all women) while claiming that Israeli women aren’t entitled to the same safety she wants Palestinian women to have?

Director, Pioneer, and Godfather of Egyptian Cinema: Remembering Youssef Chahine

After studying engineering at Alexandria University for one year, Chahine convinced his parents to allow him to pursue his interest in acting through studying in Hollywood, where he passed the years 1946 to 1948 at the Pasadena Playhouse on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Qahwa Sada at the Egyptian National Theatre Festival

Of all the scenes of the play the poorest in taste, if not outright vulgar, was the “nursing fatwa scene”.

An Appeal to Egyptian-American Integrity

As an American-Egyptian I fret that our propensity to use titles that glorify figures of authority has been carried to our adopted country. Has this mindset, I asked myself, already become entrenched in our civic organizations here in the United States?

Rasha Mahdi: Egyptian Caricaturist

Rasha Mahdi has been described as the first female Egyptian caricaturist.

Motorcycle Diaries Part II

Reflections on fatherhood, Egyptian drivers, human greed, fruity contraceptive products, and the general state of the world by our columnist