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An Arab Renaissance against all odds?

A pan-Arab mentality is manifesting itself in the world of business.

Arbitration & mediation in the Arab world: a growing phenomenon

There are at least two verses in the Koran that sanction the notion of arbitration and mediation.

What’s missing in the GCC states? Well…

Not much is even attempted to foster a culture of innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Jordan: Cost Reduction Versus Tax Reduction

The area where few dare to tread is the concept of cost/waste reduction as a means of enhancing revenues or making each Dinar count.

Brand Jordan Has Lost Its Way

While reading the wide range of comments on Madian’s Books@Café story I realized every single one was right.

Iraq’s Money and America’s Responsibility

Daily conversations with our correspondent in Baghdad or with a friend in Anbar province paint a picture of such incredible hardship that you wonder how anything at all gets done.

Business News: Angel Investing in the Middle East

Angel investing is a relatively new phenomenon in the Middle East, and it will be fascinating to see whether or not the concept takes off.

The Arab 100: Politics Is Bad For Business

I do… observe silly human differences put aside for the sake of a good business relationship.

World Poverty: Will The UN Millenium Declaration Make A Difference?

I was quite happy the other days to have received a call from a long time friend whose news I had not had for at least a year. After the usual exchanges, he switched to a slightly more ironic tone and said: “The main reason for my call is to shake you out of your […]

Understanding The World Poverty Dilemma

A thoughtful analysis of the root causes of poverty.