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Murder in the Name of Honour: an Interview with Rana Husseini

“I told them right away, I wouldn’t have any seductive, veiled women on the cover!”

Little Murderess

I flew miles and miles to reach your bed,
Where men speak a different language and women say nothing at all.

Yet Another Gulf-Bashing Article

How can I, with my example-setting lifestyle, manage to survive five days in somewhere so awful as Bahdobian?


Someone stole
The sugar from the bowl –

The West Bank: People and Pictures

In the summer of 2007, I spent five weeks extensively traveling throughout the West Bank in order to photograph the daily life of Palestinians.

Farewell to Tayeb Salih

They are dying by the day. First, there was Edward Said, then Mahmoud Darwish, and now Tayeb Salih.

People in the News

Tired of being fondled,
Like children minded by
The wicked Uncle Ernie.

Love Song

I’m glad you didn’t know me before,
Back when I was a vampire with a hungry rattle in the throat.

Hey There Jordan: 4

Come on Jordan, this is it.

Everything is Connected: A Review

Barenboim routinely condemns the excesses of the Israeli occupation and is interested in nurturing musical talents amongst Arabs as well as Jews.