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Travel to Lost Places

“Do you have any bombs on you?” I wasn’t sure of the purpose of the question.

“12 Angry Lebanese”: interview with Zeina Daccache

“All I ever hear is ‘I want,’ or ‘I need,’” she says. “This is the language of children.”

The pen is mightier: Remi Kanazi talks back

He saw Def Jam poetry on Broadway and was drawn to Suheir Hammad and Carlos Andres Gomez.

The IPAF reminds us that Arab writing is alive and flourishing

This could be an opportunity for Western publishers, if they are bold enough to take a chance.

The Dead Keep It

History is a tired woman.
History stands by the side of the road

Sasha, Charlotte and Taymoor

One I strangled with the pearls
You once dived for in a boutique.

My Moveable Feast

I spoon you into my mouth,
Fingers twitching

Throw me a fag

And just about…here! I usually trip over one of two magnets in my head.

A Happy Surprise

You say you wanted a happy surprise,
A jewel in a piece of sugared dough

On King Hussein and the Search for Peace: An Interview with Nigel Ashton

“When the King pressed hard for a broader peace settlement, his approach did not find a receptive audience in the region.”