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Oliver Pearce is an editor at a leading Middle East focused business information service.

The GCC and Iraq: What's Happening?

This is not the first time that the U.S. has sought to tie Iraq to the GCC, but this latest call comes at a time when violence is low and the economic opportunities on offer are leading the war torn country to be labeled an ‘emerging market’ like its Gulf neighbours.

Dubai Airport Free Zone: Beyond the Economic Crisis

In an exclusive interview with ArabComment, Ibrahim Ahli, Director of Marketing at Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ), explains why Dubai is the only place to set up operations in the region.

Iraq: A Business Risk Worth Taking

On Monday (October 13th) at an event in London, Iraq put the World’s largest ever amount of oil up for sale by offering 40bn barrels of recoverable crude across eight fields in the country.

Fouad Siniora in Iraq: Progress Between Iraq and Lebanon?

As the war rages in Iraq and simmers in the Levant, commentators have been quick to point out the similarities, and many believe that a solution to either, or both, conflicts may hold the key to lasting peace in the Middle East.