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Nasser Ali Khasawneh graduated in law from Oxford University, and holds a Masters in Law degree from University College at the University of London.

An Arab Renaissance against all odds?

A pan-Arab mentality is manifesting itself in the world of business.

Arbitration & mediation in the Arab world: a growing phenomenon

There are at least two verses in the Koran that sanction the notion of arbitration and mediation.

Arab reaction to Obama’s Middle East policy

Faced with a barrage of messages from the US administration, Arabs are reacting in various ways

The Monarchical Democracy of Lebanon

Many of the political acts of inheritance were brought about after spates of assassinations that have marked Lebanese history.

In Lebanon and Beyond: Could the Arab League be on the Verge of Resurgence?

And then, despite all of our misgivings, the Arab League managed to do what Sarkozy, Bush, the United Nations and many others have failed to do…

The Mindless Menace of Violence in the Muslim World

One more act of senseless violence greets us in the Muslim world this week.

Reclaiming Islam in this Summer of Terror

“It’s good to be alive this morning,” my friend Firas wrote on MSN Messenger. It was the morning of July 23, 2005. The world had just woken up to news of the massive bombs in Sharm Al-Sheikh, a car bomb in the heart of the buzzing night life of Beirut, and various stories related to […]

The English Patient’s Fourth Hand

The columnist praises a recently published novel he disliked for leading him to read a modern and timely classic.

Towards a New Arab Movement

The author argues that it’s time for all Arabs who believe in democracy and unity to come together.

Media Coverage of the Intifadah – the Logic of Power

The author argues that CNN and other Western media outlets do not cover the Palestinian Uprising in the same vein as other struggles for basic human rights.