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Throw me a fag

And just about…here! I usually trip over one of two magnets in my head.

A Happy Surprise

You say you wanted a happy surprise,
A jewel in a piece of sugared dough

A Palestinian State? Interpreting Netanyahu’s Speech

“I think Netanyahu would be astounded if Abbas agreed to these conditions, particularly those in relation to Jerusalem and the right of return.”

On King Hussein and the Search for Peace: An Interview with Nigel Ashton

“When the King pressed hard for a broader peace settlement, his approach did not find a receptive audience in the region.”

Jordan: Cost Reduction Versus Tax Reduction

The area where few dare to tread is the concept of cost/waste reduction as a means of enhancing revenues or making each Dinar count.

Little Murderess

I flew miles and miles to reach your bed,
Where men speak a different language and women say nothing at all.

Yet Another Gulf-Bashing Article

How can I, with my example-setting lifestyle, manage to survive five days in somewhere so awful as Bahdobian?


Someone stole
The sugar from the bowl –

The West Bank: People and Pictures

In the summer of 2007, I spent five weeks extensively traveling throughout the West Bank in order to photograph the daily life of Palestinians.

An Unexpected Trip: A Year in Jordan Takes on a Whole New Meaning

I distinctly remember the moment before the first punch. He was looking down on me, his fist clenched, his eyes angry and clouded, his arm pulled back for momentum. I screamed, eyes wide in disbelief.