Sasha, Charlotte and Taymoor

One I strangled with the pearls
You once dived for in a boutique.
One I rammed with a creaking taxi
(Prayer beads over the rear view mirror
Nancy on the stereo).
One I left out in the night,
When the desert cooled off
And the spit of the dogs
Grew hotter.

Then I washed my hair,
Made myself prettier than even Fadi can,
Lay across our bed with my feet pointing east,
Hands across the body
Where everything began.

We made them up inside our heads,
Inside this bed.

Now you’re walking down the road,
Your top buttons unbuttoned,
Your tie and face askew.

Now you can’t enter.

Forgive me my cowardice,
My poppy mouth,
That bent down
Searching out a kiss.
I’ve been rewarded richly for this.
I have the freedom
Only loneliness can affix
Like a medal to breasts run dry.

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