People in the News

People in the news
Look tired of themselves.
Tired of being fondled,
Like children minded by
The wicked Uncle Ernie.

It’s a long way to travel –
From a hospital drop-off lane in Gaza or Kinglake
Through fiber optic cable.

They’re shuffling their feet
On someone’s living room threshold.
They’re ruthlessly beating dust out of their jackets,
And sniffing the cooking,
Wondering if lemon juice will do it.

Ya Allah, they are tired.
Their blisters are scabbing over.
Their push-up bras spoon up rivulets of sweat
Under the laving lights
Of some studio or another,
Like goblets of wire and lace.

They are standing near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour,
Considering how a bullet
Could be so thoughtless
As to rip a rabbit hole through the sidewalk
And beckon to their daughter.

It’s not their daughter,
What the winter soil fell casually pregnant with.

People in the news
Are wrapped in the yellow of taxis
Speeding away from the curb.
Wrapped in a baby blanket
Burial shroud.

They are asking the impossible.
They should really just go back
To shooting cute animals (on camera, habibti!)
In their backyards.
They should win lotteries and tennis sets,
Not a visit from a couple police officers,
Their faces like twin Vermeers in the porchlight
At one a.m.

They howl for you to join their ranks
Like zombies
From a shopping mall parking lot.

They are perniciously beautiful
Like meteors fizzling.
You want to be among them,
In the airlessness, above everything you’ll ever know,
Slamming into the waiting arms of the atmosphere.

They are immortal,
Blood and starlight in their hair.
They travel first-class on interstellar waves
And the muscular backs of cosmic ghosts,
When the Sun has already swallowed the chattering Earth.

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