Hey There Jordan: 3

Hey Jordan.

Three things you should know

Life is nothing more than a series of random occurences picked out of an infinite list

Literature is nothing more than a series of ultimate values

An artist’s job is to show us what an eye and camera can’t.

What are you gonna do with your life?

You know, its about time you figured it out. You’re getting old.

All three? Are you up to it?

You’re out of your mind.

I doubt you have what it takes.

You will fail, you will be worth nothing, you will die.

Make up your mind, because that ain’t no answer.

Its time you changed your mindset.

Time you grew up.

Time has grown up, so are you ready to take on the challenge of your life?

Don’t forget your family, you don’t want to leave them behind.

Do you want to be a father of orphans?

Hush. Wait until I’m finished speaking.

You know, we haven’t been seeing each other much lately.

But you really don’t want to die.

Think it over, and we’ll talk.

You really shouldn’t die, you’re still too young to die.

Think it over, I know your not the religious type, but you would make a good pastor.

I sent a job application on your behalf.

I’ll let you know when they get back to me.

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One Comment

  1. Posted November 21, 2008 at 11:43 am | Permalink

    “What are you gonna do with your life?” ain’t that the ultimate question.

    So much to think about and act upon in this piece. Thanks