Lessons Learned from the 6th War

1. The legend of Israel’s military might is shattered for good. A few brave knights together with God’s angels defeated the 5th strongest army in the world.

2. Israel as a strategic ally is a fallacy and U.S. tax payer’s money is wasted. Israel was not able to help out in the first or the second Gulf War and was not able to help itself in Lebanon. Israel is strongest against the weak, but Hezbollah ate their lunch with chutzpah.

3. The assertion of Israel from the river to the sea is a pipe dream. To expand you need to occupy and subjugate. This is no longer in the realm of reason.

4. This war was inevitable and part of a broader strategy to engage Syria & Iran into a wider war. Hezbollah should not carry the blame for it.

5. Hezbollah should not disarm as Israel will attack unarmed people and break U.N. resolutions at will and with impunity.

6. Hezbollah gave us pride and confidence at the expense of destruction to their homes and their peoples. Yes, parts of Lebanon were devastated but Lebanon will be rebuilt with Arab money and within a short period of time and will endure to be the shiniest democracy in the Arab world.

7. Popular resistance is more effective than traditional armies. Ministers of Defense in the Arab World need to retool: Junk your airforce, tanks, destroyers and submarines and buy some useful hand held antitank and antiaircraft missiles and a lot of rockets. Build intricate tunneling, draw your enemy in, and ravage it.

8. Infantry is your lethal weapon, not the air force, nor the Navy, nor the armored units. Build the Man and turn him into a Knight.

9. Two democracies in the Middle East, Palestine & Lebanon, have been habitually violated. Palestine holds the unique position of being the only occupied democracy in the world; an occupation sanctioned by the U.S. Human Rights abuses in both countries are rife. One wonders how the U.S. can stand up to China and Russia henceforth when it advocates for democracy or preaches on human rights abuses.

10. A policy of conflict resolution worldwide is in the west’s interest, not creative chaos, if there was ever a more stupid term or policy. We have seen what creative chaos engendered in Iraq and Lebanon, to name a few.

11. There will not be a new Middle East. However, we suspect and hope that there will be a new America whose power will be curtailed by other peoples aspirations and where reason, common sense, and a sense of history will prevail.

Conclusion: The U.S. has not been an honest broker. The sooner a tamer Israel wakes up to this fact and closes ranks with its neighbors, the better for them. Arabs and Muslims, who are both chivalrous and merciful, may forgive but will never forget.

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